In California, if you who have been injured because of the negligent or careless acts of another person, you have a legal right to file a personal injury claim to recover compensation. Our team provides compassionate advice while aggressively protecting your right to recover the compensation you deserve. We will work to recover for your damages, including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 



Auto accidents are a normal occurrence for all Californians, and especially Angelenos. If you’ve lived in California for even a short time, it is likely that you’ve been involved in an auto accident. With constant traffic, anxious and distracted drivers, and busy intersections in all parts of the city, accidents in Los Angeles occur at a higher rate than in any other city in the state.

Agemian Law Group has the legal knowledge and experience to help clients involved in Auto Accidents in the Los Angeles area. Our team is familiar with how insurance companies behave, and tactics they usein an attempt to undervalue your case and minimize your settlement. The attorneys at Agemian Law group are equipped with the ability to fight and secure justice for our clients. 


It’s no wonder California, has more registered Motorcycles than any other state. With incredible weather year-round, breathtaking views and coastal driving stretching up and down the Pacific Coast Highway, it’s an ideal place to enjoy the pleasures of riding. At Agemian Law Group, we understand that unlike most auto accidents, Motorcycle accidents almost always cause serious injury, including spinal and head injuries, as well as broken bones. This reality means significant physical pain as well as substantial medical bills and other costs.

Most Motorcycle riders who are injured in accidents are riding safely, wearing a helmet, and are not at fault for the accident. Almost all motorcycle accidents involve at least one vehicle. Motorcyclists, whether riding classic cruisers or sporty speed bikes, have equal access to the road, and are protected by the same laws as drivers of four wheel vehicles.



In today’s ride-sharing world many cars on the road are either Uber or Lyft, especially in Los Angeles. From pool riding, standard rides, to luxurious and Black Cars, ride-sharing has become a preferred method of travel throughout the city. This naturally results in an influx of accidents involving Uber and Lyft cars. All Uber or Lyft passengers are insured by either the ride share company or the at fault driver of any accident. With many nuances in this relatively new area of the law, consulting with an attorney at the Agemian Law Group will provide you with clarity and confidence in how to proceed with your matter.

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